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Designer Flowers’ top tips to create your perfect wedding flowers

Let your wedding venue influence the flower design

If you are getting married in a grand stately home, work with the rooms and don’t try to overpower the room with grand designs and colours. The room may have a lot of décor and character already so instead work with the colours and choose simpler flowers and colours.

Designer Flowers Top Tips

Plan a budget for your wedding flowers

A budget for your wedding flowers will play a big part when it comes to deciding what is achievable for your wedding. Don’t waste time looking at £5000 worth of flowers on websites when your budget is £1000. Most wedding experts advise to set aside 10% of your overall budget for flowers. Let your florist know your budget as they will want to help

Flowers are not just bouquets and buttonholes

Look at areas of interest at your church/venue/reception. Decorate these areas to make your wedding unique and stand out. For example, not all churches can have a beautiful arch of flowers or have big windows you can dress with flowers. Some venues will have beams to dress, others may have a sweeping driveway or a simple fountain you can float flower heads on.


Ask to see a mock-up of your bouquet or table display

If you are struggling to imagine how your floral arrangements will look, ask for a sample to be prepared. Or you can even ask to see colours of single flowers so you know the colours will work on the big day.

Allow plenty of time at your wedding venue(s) for your flowers to be set up

By giving your florist sufficient time to prepare your wedding venue, they will be able to ensure the displays are looking their best when you arrive. If you are getting married outside on a summers day, make sure the flowers will be placed just before the guests arrive so they are not sitting in the blistering heat for most of the morning.